Dacryl® specialized in the manufacture of acrylic decorative panels

Dacryl® is a French company which has been manufacturing and distributing its own products for more than 10 years. We are specialized in the manufacture of acrylic decorative panels, top-of-the-range products with great creative potential.
Our company is particularly renowned for vegetal, mineral and textile inclusions in its material and for customized colour schemes.
The quality of our material enables indoor and outdoor use with a ten-year warranty.

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Discover our new ranges of inclusions
Your 21 favourite models in 3 new collections: Design, So chic and Green Attitude.
Find our mineral, vegetable and textile inclusions as well as new creations in these 3 new collections.


Get your display
We offer a luminous display for our 3 collections Design, So Chic and Green Attitude.
You will get our display (size: 500 x 200 mm) with a set of 7 samples (size: 170 x 60 mm) that you choose.
Display and its 7 samples : 180€ ex VAT

Order your luminous display « Design » with its 7 samples :
Copeaux d’aluminium, Plissé Cascade argent, Grille chevron, Feuilles & pépites d’argent, Léa blanc, Paris et Bris de verre.

Order your luminous display « So chic ! » with its 7 samples :
Plissé cascade bronze, Plissé cascade or, Feuilles & pépites d’or, Barbara mordoré, Irène mordoré, Copeaux de bronze et Monaco.

Order your luminous display « Green attitude » with its 7 samples :
Herbes d’automne, Non tissé, Herbes & galets, Léa perle